Underwater tennis court proposed for Dubai

Underwater tennis court proposed for Dubai

A design for an underwater tennis centre off the Dubai coast has been put together by a Polish architect.

Krzysztof Kotala, who works at the 8+8 Concept Studio in Warsaw, has completed the initial renderings and is now searching for backers.

He said the idea had strong commercial potential and would combine the best of “technology, ecology and sport.”

“Dubai is the right place for this project because of the luxury hotels and the man-made islands. These sort of ambitious developments show what is possible.

“To lessen the weight of water I would see the water over the top of the dome beyond cut off from the rest of the sea by a barrier. So it would be separate. It may look it – but it is not that difficult from a technical point of view.

“The stadium itself would be dug into the ground – not resting in the seabed – to ensure greater stability.”

Kotala added:  “This will be something original. This should be somewhere where there is the tradition of tennis. Dubai is perfect for this idea.”

The Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships has been staged in the emirate since 1993.

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