Underwater lost city plan for Dubai tourism

Underwater lost city plan for Dubai tourism

An underwater site designed for the expanding market in dive-based tourism could be on the cards for Dubai.

US-based design company, Reef Worlds, says it is looking at building sustainable underwater tourism sites in the Middle East.

The company said it would base the designs on a “lost city” theme with an artificial reef which would attract fish and aquatic vegetation

Dave Taylor, director of development for Reef Worlds, said the company is expecting to make an announcement about the Dubia plans in the coming weeks.

“We understand that most waterfront resorts in the UAE have not considered designing and building large scale underwater habitats for wildlife that look and feel like lost civilizations, at stake is a mature $3bn dollar dive and snorkel tourism industry waiting for someone to create these places for them.’

“We created something for everyone that takes experiencing the ocean environment to new heights.

“The Reef Worlds brand is all about sustainability and the creation of new habitat while at the same time adding instant tourism revenue and excitement to waterfront resorts.”


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