UK firm appoints Dubai designers for restaurant interior

UK firm appoints Dubai designers for restaurant interior

Award-winning design agency based in Dubai, Brand Creative, has recently been appointed to design a Yeotown Kitchen, in London’s Marylebone.  

Founded by Mercedes and Simon Sieff, Yeotown is the Winner of the 2016 Tatler ‘Life Changer of the Year’ award for their wellbeing  retreat in Devon. In spite of very good  local agencies to choose from, the owners have chosen an agency headquartered in Dubai to do the work.

“To be a Dubai-based agency, sourced for our talent and multidisciplinary abilities on a project located in London – is a very unique and exciting opportunity for us,” says Carla Conte, creative director, Brand Creative.

Besides the interiors of Yeotown Kitchen, Conte says that Brand Creative will be responsible for the branding and graphic design as well.

Carla Conte

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