UK ceramic artist exhibits in Doha

UK ceramic artist exhibits in Doha

Ceramic artist Shahida Ahmed, from the UK, is currently exhibiting her work in Doha with an installation piece called “Oneness”, based on the 99 names of God.

She has worked on designs for Prince Charles and Prime Minister David Cameron and  been commissioned to create statement pieces all over the world, for hospitals, hotels and landmark buildings.

Her work is on display in the VIP Lounge, Dubai, the presidential house in Islamabad,  the Oklahoma Mosque, USA and British High Commission, Islamabad.

Ahmed, born in the northern English town of Nelson, said: “My culture, faith and growing up
in the west made me question a lot of things.”

She says her period of study in Cordoba and the Alhambra in Granada, Spain: “inspired me to
look at inter-faith dialogue and art as a universal language”.

The exhibition runs until August 11 at Building 18, The Peninsula.

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