UK Biennale pavilion explores “Home Economics”

UK Biennale pavilion explores “Home Economics”

The UK pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale has taken on the theme of “The Home”.

Its curators — Shumi Bose, Jack Self and Finn Williams — have invited established and emerging artists, architects and designers to produce five immersive environments, which contain innovative domestic models.

The exhibition titled “Home Economics”  asks questions  about society and architectural culture that have come about as a result of changes in everyday life.

“Britain is in the grips of a housing crisis,’ state the curators. “This is not only a failure of supply to meet demand, it is a failure of traditional housing models to accommodate new patterns of domestic life. The way we live is changing radically through time.

“‘Home Economics’ is not about designing better versions of established housing models that are already broken.”

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