UAE workers riot after death of colleague

UAE workers riot after death of colleague

Labourers in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah set 17 cars alight after a worker fell to his death at a construction site in the emirate.

Authorities in Ras Al Khaimah launched an investigation into the circumstances that led to the disturbance at the Emirates National School construction site in the emirate at the weekend.

Police told local media in the UAE that 17 cars were set alight, as well as electricity generators, fuel tanks and offices on Saturday.

The initial investigation said the disturbance began when a worker died after he fell from the fifth floor of a building on the construction site.

Major General Ali Al Nuaimi, head of RAK Police, told The Nationalnewspaper that labourers must adhere to the law when it comes to resolving disputes.

“There are lawful ways and open channels for workers to reach the governing bodies to help them with solutions. Violence and vandalism are not the way,” Gen Al Nuaimi said.

First reports about the incident began on Saturday evening, with reports and pictures of the burning site near Al Ittihad University exit from Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road circulating on social media. Roads in the area were blocked as a result of the fire.

RAK Police Commander-in-Chief, Major General Ali Abdullah bin Alwan issued a statement on Sunday saying the situation was under control and warned the public not to post rumours on social media.

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