UAE is the best market says local architect

UAE is the best market says local architect

The CEO of one of the UAE’s oldest and largest architecture firms, Eng Adnan Saffarini, believes that the Emirates is still a strong market with several opportunities for architects.

In a recent interview with Middle East Architect, Ahmet Saffarini said:  “From our point of view, the best market is Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the emirates.

“We have good rules and regulations – the infrastructure is almost complete. It is easy to do things and you can bring in any expertise. I contradict anyone that says otherwise.

He continued: “Even with this situation [the recession], this is the best market. We have the best landscape, best airport, best taxis and an easy way of life.”

When asked whether the Emirates still offers opportunities for architects, he replied: “For sure new opportunities are coming up in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This type of country will always have opportunities.

“Until now we have been living off the jobs we get in UAE, not from outside.”

Established in 1968 in Dubai, Eng Adnan Saffarini has built up an impressively large portfolio and office, with over 750 staff in the GCC.

Its projects include the Princess Tower in Dubai Marina (pictured) which is now the tallest residential building in the world at 414m.

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