UAE firm creates 3D-printed master plan of Dubai

UAE firm creates 3D-printed master plan of Dubai

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A UAE-based firm claims to have created the world’s largest 3D-printed city master plan.

The scale model, which was created by Generation 3D on behalf of Dubai Properties’ real estate asset management arm, Ejadah Asset Management, represents the entire city of Dubai.

The master plan will be used to facilitate decision making, according to its deisgners.

Dominic Wright, managing director of UAE-headquartered Generation 3D, said: “We have just completed the largest-ever, fully 3D-printed master plan of the entire city of Dubai. [It was produced] for Ejadah Asset Management in order for them to highlight their assets across Dubai.

“[The model] was displayed at Cityscape, but will now be used internally as part of the decision-making process for expansions,” he explained.

The master plan was produced in Dubai, UAE using a Projet 860Pro. This is the largest colour printer in the Middle East, according to Generation 3D.

Image courtesy Dominic Wright/Generation 3D.

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