Two-thirds of Scotland’s architects want independence

Two-thirds of Scotland’s architects want independence

Almost two thirds of architects in Scotland want independence, according to a poll of the profession.

A total of 59% of the nearly 160 architects who voted in an online survey said they were in favour of the country cutting its ties with the UK – around 12 per cent above the number of yes voters in the latest YouGov poll of the general public.

Those working in small practices showed a clear preference for independence, but those at medium to large practices were divided between the yes and no camps.

A campaign group called Architects For Yes has been stating the case for a break away from the UK

Architect Peter Wilson said: “More than any other profession, architects are trained to anticipate, plan, design and implement change. We are also trained to lead the way in developments or ideas and as such have a unique opportunity to be in the vanguard of the construction of a new Scotland.

“A stronger, wealthier and more influential profession is possible as a result. So what’s stopping us?” 

Alasdair Stephen, of RIBA Award-winning Dualchas Architects, based on the Isle of Skye has undertaken many projects in Scotland. He is also a key figurehead of the campaign, argued that independence would invigorate Scottish architecture.

‘Scotland will have more self-confidence, which will be reflected in our architecture,’ he said. ‘We will be equal with other nations in the world and we will realise that our architecture should be just as good. A lack of confidence and invisibility is preventing it from being so.’

The Architect Journal conducted the survey.

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