Turkish studio transforms plastic bottles into lights

Turkish studio transforms plastic bottles into lights

The young Turkish firm Designnobis has effectively turned plastic bottles into solar-powered lights.

The product, Infinite Light, uses plastic bottles as a valuable resource and contains a low carbon footprint.

“With Infinite Light, we aimed to create a sustainable lamp with minimum cost,” said the designers at Designnobis. “The lighting unit does not require any infrastructure, and it is a ready-to-use package that can be placed in a discarded plastic bottle.”

The different components of Infinite Light include a flexible solar panel that’s paced inside the transparent bottle, small batteries that store solar energy during the daytime, and a wire frame which allows the light to be portable.

Although Infinite Light is still in its conceptual stage, it could prove highly useful in tumultuous areas in the Middle East, like Palestinian, Syrian and Iraqi refugee camps, as it provides light through simple means and is mobile.

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