Turkish architects win mosque and social complex

Turkish architects win mosque and social complex

Sisli Halide Edip mosque and social complex by Turkish architects Kolektif Mimarlar has won first prize in a design competition.

The main idea of the design scheme was to produce a well-integrated structure that responds to the surroundings and residents, creating additional functions to the mosque itself.

The site is located between Halide Edip Adivar Street and Piyate Pasa Boulevard. A central courtyard is designed to organise the surrounding functional units.

The stairs between the courtyard and the Halide Edip Adivar street allows for a smooth urban connection while the gathering space designed to street level provides direct access to the main space of the mosque without causing any visual interruption.

Also on this level, the central worship area is planned in a way where the women’s worship space is at mezzanine.

The remaining parts of the complex including service units are designed around the courtyard, providing car access to the site from Bakcecik Street.

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