Tribute paid to modernist architect Fred Hollingsworth

Tribute paid to modernist architect Fred Hollingsworth

Modernist architect Fred Thornton Hollingsworth who shaped the post-war look of the residential areas of the Canadian city of Vancouver, has died at the age of 98.

Many of the homes he designed are still standing, including the residence in Edgemont Village he designed for his family in 1946. Itis where his son Russell grew up

Russell, also an architect, said: “He taught me a lot about working with my hands, and about art and culture and architecture and philosophy. We were steeped in that kind of an upbringing.”

Born in England in 1917, Hollingsworth moved to Canada with his family when he was 12. A talented musician, painter, sculptor and draftsman, he was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Russell described his father as a “Renaissance man” and said of his father’s greatest strengths was creating homes for working people of modest means.

He explained: “He didn’t seek out or have really wealthy clients. He was a very egalitarian-minded kind of person and believed that good design shouldn’t be exclusive.”

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