Trends in UAE’s flooring industry are eclectic, says InterfaceFLOR

Trends in UAE’s flooring industry are eclectic, says InterfaceFLOR

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The Middle East is a hub of new designers and eclectic trends, according to Neel Bradham, VP of sales & marketing, InterfaceFLOR EMEAI.

Bradham said the market in the Middle East was growing, and InterfaceFLOR’s wants young designers to be interested in its products.

“Young designers are leading the challenge in the Middle East. We get to see people who are aggressively interested to do good design, and how we connect with them is important,” said Bradham.

He added the people who specify products in the region come from all over the world.

“UAE doesn’t have the critical mass to have trends of its own right now, but in 2012, the trends in the flooring industry will a mixture of things all over the world like the Rio carnival,” added Bradham.

Ana Seixas, marketing manager, MEA and India, InterfaceFLOR, said the company has more than 40% of the market in the UAE.

“The market is not conservative here, as compared to Europe,” said Seixas. “Young people are coming here for the opportunities the region gives them, and trends here have been progressive. If you see something new around the world, it will be here too.”

“The trends here are nothing like France or UK, but if you stick them all together you get Dubai. There are a lot of influences to be found here,” added Bradham.

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