Top tips for young interior designers

Top tips for young interior designers

Pallavi Dean, design director of Pallavi Dean Interiors, offers some words of wisdom for aspiring young designers

If you are fresh off the boat here are a few simple tips to make sure you hit the ground running.

As any designer will tell you, materials and finishes are just as important as the design concept. But sourcing them can be tricky even for seasoned professionals –  use trade shows like Index and Design Days to see some of the products first hand and build a relationship with the suppliers.

Fraternise with like-minded creative people;  the Pavilion Downtown and MAKE business hub are both excellent venues that bring together designers to participate in workshops, art events and discussions.

Give something back – design schools in the region are always looking for professionals to inspire the next generation of creatives. Participate in design reviews, guest lectures and mentoring students as a part of your professional development.

Last but not least, the UAE has a very unique culture and climate. Understanding the local traditions and climate will help you create a better synergy between brief and context. Majlis settings, prayers rooms, courtyards, high temperature and humidity are all particular to this region and can have a huge impact on design.

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