Top four New Zealand flag contenders revealed

Top four New Zealand flag contenders revealed

Architect Kyle Lockwood, from Melbourne, Australia, has two designs in the final four contenders for a new national flag for New Zealand.

The designs include three that feature the country’s native silver fern in some form. There is a black and white silver fern, a silver fern on a red and blue background with the Southern Cross and a black and blue variation of the same design.

The fourth flag features a black and white koru design – a traditional Maori image that signifies new beginnings.

Lockwood designed the flag showing a fern in black and white, and another black and white fern with the Southern Cross.

The final four were whittled down from a long list of 40 and unveiled by the Flag Consideration Panel.

New Zealanders will get to vote on them in a referendum later this year.

The top ranked flag in the first referendum will then go head-to-head with the current flag in a second referendum in April next year.

A call for the public to submit their flag designs resulted in more than 10,000 being put forward.

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