Top 5 tips to choose outdoor furniture designs

Top 5 tips to choose outdoor furniture designs

Outdoor furniture

Antony Guss, VP International, Casualife Furniture International, tells Commercial Interior Design the top five tips for choosing outdoor furniture for hotels in the Middle East:

1. Choose a design that suits the décor including colour.
Follow the design palette of your hotel, not general design trends. “If, in fact, your resort has a Tuscan feel then a wrought design maybe best, or if it’s an ultra-modern hotel project something in stainless steel may suit better.”

2. Pay sufficient attention to the quality level versus the maintenance and replacement costs of cheaper furniture.
“Long after the hotel is open the hotelier has to budget for repairs and maintenance. Well built furniture backed up by local service agents and leading companies can supply spare parts. Buying direct from a trader or China supplier do not guarantee spare parts in the future.”

3. Deal with the best value for money offer.
“Often leading brand names in the exterior furnishings industry charge a premium to cover their huge advertising and cataloging budget.”

4. Check the warranty of the product.
“Ask the supplier what warranty is provided – and get it in writing. A good wicker warranty is five years, and for teak wood and umbrellas two years is satisfactory. Anything less is simply inferior and the risk in purchasing often outweighs the cost of buying something better quality. It is a balance between paying too much for a brand name, and too little for a Chinese supplier.”

5. Pick materials based on the weather conditions.
“The Gulf region has one of the harshest climates in the world, where heat and salt air play havoc with all exterior fittings. Even stainless steel rusts easily in the Gulf, so special grades and protective finishes are required to prevent failure.”

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