Top 5 tips to choose your interior designer

Top 5 tips to choose your interior designer

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Sahar Ghazale, a Lebanese interior architect/designer based in Kuwait, explains how to choose the interior designer that will suit your needs best.

1.  References and past work
Always ask for references, try to see photos of their work and let them explain what they did and how they tackled the problems they encountered.

2. What exactly the interior designer does
Always ask about work procedures, how will the study be conducted and what is considered within their scope of work. Many interior design seekers have no idea what an interior designer does, and that should be clarified from the first meeting.

3. Ethics are important
Ask people about their work and ethics. People might not always give credible answers, but that’s up to you to spot a bitter person from a sincere one who has truly suffered.

4. Realistic vs Fake
Beware of those who give out false hopes. Look for the realistic, yet not pessimistic, the creative, not the “we’ve done it a 100 times, we’ll do it for you as well” designers. Your designer should explain how they will save you time and money and not the other way around.

5. Ask questions
Ask as many questions as you like; after all you are going to be spending a great deal of your time with your interior designer, this contract will tie you together for a great deal of time.

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