TKI uses Japanese art form to create restaurant

TKI uses Japanese art form to create restaurant

PS Studio, Sultan Group, Thomas Klein International (TKI)

Thomas Klein International (TKI) and its Chicago-based architects, PS Studio, have unveiled the final design concept of the new Wasabi outlet for the Sultan Group.

The outlet, which will serve Japanese cuisine, is due to open in early 2012, and draws its inspiration from the traditional paper folding techniques of Origami and Kirigami.

It will be located in Wattiya – one of Kuwait’s oldest areas, which is currently under renovation by the government.

The Sultan Group already has four other Wasabi outlets as part of its portfolio, and the newest addition will have a totally new look and feel.

Once opened, the restaurant will set the benchmark in design for any additional Wasabi outlets launched, and all the existing outlets will be transformed to match the new brand image and positioning.

“We have used two of the most traditional and sophisticated Japanese art forms of paper manipulation as inspiration for the design of the restaurant,” said architect Paula Palombo.

“The ancient art techniques of Origami and Kirigami are used both literally and metaphorically in crafting the multiple spaces in the restaurant.”

The restaurant is divided into three main seating areas, across two levels, and each area is defined by a different spatial ‘fold’ that is unique in colour and material. The three different folds are comprised of wood, metal and textile respectively.

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