TKI designs Souk Al Housh in Khartoum

TKI designs Souk Al Housh in Khartoum

Khartoum, Sudan, Thomas Klein International, Thomas Klein International (TKI)

Dubai-based Thomas Klein International (TKI) unveiled the final layout plans of Souk Al Housh, which will form a part of the El Seref Tourism and Hospitality project in Khartoum, Sudan.

Featuring a restaurant and 28 stalls selling fresh produce, Souk Al Housh will be the largest outlet located within the 35,000 square feet destination, and is due to open in August 2012. The main focus was to create a buzzing, dynamic food hall/market concept.

“Souk Al Housh will offer traditional Sudanese cuisine, and will recreate a souk layout and experience, where customers are brought back to a time and place when the ingredients were at the core of the food they ate,” said Daniel During, principal and managing director, Thomas Klein International.

“Similarly, the interior design was inspired by the ancient street markets and souks, and we have created similar courtyards and alleys throughout the restaurant, to create an authentic dinging experience,” he added.

The food and beverage concept was designed after the design team learned more about the country and its traditional cooking methods, recipes and ingredients.

“We had to learn a lot about Sudanese cooking, and after many excursions to back streets, rural and urban settings, we found a truly wonderful undiscovered cuisine coupled with ingenious cooking methods that people had passed down for millennia,” said During.

“There is a lot of emphasis on rich smoky charcoal flavours and fresh herbs, and we really wanted to showcase Sudanese traditions in a way that would make the Sudanese proud of what their land has to offer. Most of all, we were inspired to create a place that would appeal to Sudanese families and foreigners alike.”

The project will also have many live cooking displays to showcase a host of traditional methods of cooking.

“Ultimately, the freshness of the food is very important to the entire concept, and diners are encouraged to watch their food being prepared at the stalls, thereby enjoying the action and traditional skills of the experts.

“Most of the activity will happen in the central courtyard, with stalls, stations and shops distributed along the sides of the courtyard and the seating being central to these spaces, to re-create the old souk experience,” added During.

TKI also worked with Iskan, a Khartoum-based design company, for the design of El Seref, and will feature three F&B outlets, including Souk Al Housh.

The additional two outlets are Cilantro – an Egyptian coffee shop franchise – as well as The Third Space, which will serve both pasta and sushi. Both projects are still under design, and the opening dates are still to be confirmed.

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