TKI to design Kuwait’s first gastro burger bar

TKI to design Kuwait’s first gastro burger bar

Daniel During, The Sultan Group, Thomas Klein International (TKI)

Thomas Klein International (TKI), Dubai-based restaurant consultants, and its Chicago based architects PS Studio, have announced their interior design plans for Kuwait’s first ‘gastro burger’ outlet.

The casual dining venue will serve burgers and sliders in Al Bidaa in Kuwait. The concept revolves around home-made pickle and radish condiments.

“Our role was to create a recognisable interior that will elevate the concept of a burger outlet to cutting edge sophistication,” said Daniel During, principal and MD, TKI.

The interior design concept for the restaurant, the name of which will be revealed soon, is derived from the layering of the food – the hamburger, its bun and the vegetables and sauces in between.

Plywood, constructed of different layers of wood laminated together, was chosen as the main material in the interior design of this establishment to signify the various layers of the burger.

“We found that plywood is the ideal material to convey the concept and to bring the idea to life, as the layered wood palette allows for variety through colour and texture and can be processed beautifully,” added During.

Bespoke lamps made from pickle jars will hang from the ceiling and different sized pickle bottles with a selection of home-made pickles and radishes will be displayed on the walls of the show kitchen.

TKI also designed the staff uniforms and will be responsible for the branding of the menus, collateral and signage to reflect the fresh, modern contemporary image.

The restaurant is owned and managed by the Epicure Group, the food and beverage division of The Sultan group, and is due to open in December, 2011.

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