TKI completes design of Kuwait Wasabi outlet

TKI completes design of Kuwait Wasabi outlet

Thomas Klein International, Thomas Klein International (TKI), Wasabi

Thomas Klein International (TKI) and its Chicago-based architects PS Studio, have completed the interior design of the Wasabi outlet located on the Kuwaiti Corniche, in Point 5.

The main inspiration behind the design of the new Wasabi restaurant stems from the ‘pleats’ of the traditional Japanese hand fan.

“The radial geometry of the site resembled a form similar to the Japanese hand fan, therefore the idea of using the fabric and the pleating technique materialized in the choice of window coverings, light fixtures and movable partitions,” said architect Paula Palombo.

“All the window coverings are pleated and can be raised and lowered to achieve the desired atmosphere. The light fixtures also have pleated fabric but with a unique angle that adds a new dimension to a familiar shade,” she added.

The movable partitions are a fundamental element in traditional Japanese architecture, and will be used to create spaces for the entrance and for private dining.

The outlet will also showcase a ‘feature wall’ which will serve as a backdrop for the dining area.

“We chose a three-dimensional ceramic series called ‘Bamboo’. The cylindrical bamboo poles are stacked to create a vertical effect. The poles are also positioned at different angles to create a dynamic background, along with a variety of different finishes to add rich textures,” said Palombo.

“Currently the Sultan Group has four other Wasabi outlets operating as part of their portfolio, but they wanted to launch a totally new, fresh image. The newest Wasabi store in Point 5 will reflect the brand’s new world-tendencies of freshness, transparency and lightness, offering a totally new look and feel,” said Daniel During, principal and managing director of TKI.

“We plan to adapt this new design to all future Wasabi outlets so as to convey a strong unified new image of the brand,” he added.

Wasabi located in Point 5 is expected to open in the second quarter of 2012.

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