Tiling range on show in Burj Khalifa

Tiling range on show in Burj Khalifa

Dubai was the first stop for a global series of display of tiles aimed at enhancing interiors.

GANI in the World is an art design and marble series of forums which highlights the durability, sustainability and aest5hetic appeal of the product.

The manufacturer and its distribution partner Al Shamsi were among the 200 plus people who attended the event in the Armani Hotel.

Speakers included Mahta Teimourian, doctorate of architecture at Teheran’s Islamic Azad University who spoke of 17-year experience of designing marble titles and applying them in luxury villas and commercial projects.

Andy Chen, professor at Shanghai Dong-Hwa University also made a theme speech, introducing development history of marble tiles. He also appealed all the architects to use marble tiles for its natural beauty, eco-oriented and recognized quality.

The event heard GANI “has been a leader of marble tiles, taking product and marketing innovation as its brand strategy. GANI holds the business attitude of l earn from nature, respect nature, enjoy the beauty of Nature and take from nature in a proper way

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