Three new cities to be built in Saudi

Three new cities to be built in Saudi

Three new ‘cities’ are to be built on the outskirts of Jeddah, the Saudi city’s municipality has announced.

According to the Saudi Gazette, which quoted a spokesman from the municipality, one city would be mainly for residential use, one ‘recreational’ and one industrial.

The first will be based in the Gulf of Salman, to the north of Jeddah. It will include 1,250 residential buildings, offering 25,000 housing units, over a three million square metre plot.

“The infrastructure of the entire project is complete and the first stage of the project’s plan, to construct 46 residential buildings, has been implemented,” Mohammed Al Bugamy, a spokesman for the Jeddah Municipality, told the Saudi Gazette.

The second development, the Al Aslaa Valley Project, will be based on a 130mn m2 plot to the east of the city. It will include parks, recreation and sports facilities.

Lastly, an industrial city will be developed in Asfan, also to the east of Jeddah. The site will cover five million square metres, and include 2,095 industrial facilities, 183 warehouses and 22 factories, the report stated.

No timeline for the completion of these projects was given. Jeddah is in the process of developing its infrastructure as it tries to keep pace with a fast-growing population.

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