Three injured in Dubai Sulafa Tower fire

Three injured in Dubai Sulafa Tower fire

Three people, including a pregnant woman, suffered minor injuries in last week’s fire in a Dubai Marina high-rise.

The 75 storey 285m tall Sulafa Tower was the latest skyscraper to be engulfed in flames with hundreds of residents evacuated.

More than 50 civil defence firefighters bought the blaze under control in around two hours on Wednesday afternoon.

The fire broke out at the top of the building’s west face and burning debris was blown by swirling winds to its north side, around half way up.

These floors then ignited and the flames spread up the side of the building, while flaming panels fell onto lower balconies, although many were extinguished when they dropped into the swimming pool on the structure’s plaza

A resident of the building also told how he carried a stricken elderly lady 40 floors to safety. Dr Arash Arabghani said: “After the alarm went off I went to the stairwell and there was an elderly lady and she seemed to have real problems so myself and another man got to her and carried her down 40 floors. People were running past us and no-one stopped to help.

“She was taken away in an ambulance but that was just a precaution.”

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