The Green Sheikh honours winners of BUiD’s Sustainability Summer School

The Green Sheikh honours winners of BUiD’s Sustainability Summer School

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The British University in Dubai’s 4th Sustainability Summer School, held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, attracted a number of bachelors and masters students from universities across the UAE.

The week-long programme was designed to motivate and train students from different subject backgrounds such as engineering, computers, arts and sciences to think of sustainability.

H.H Sheikh Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi, The Green Shiekh was the VIP guest for the closing ceremony and also one of the judges who judged the project competition along with professors. Green Sheikh spoke to students about leading by example and having a holistic approach to life. He also encouraged the students to look at the bigger picture to live responsibly and understand that each element of this Universe is linked to the other.

“I am very happy to see all the projects the students have managed to put together in this short time and some of the work is very outstanding. I am happy to be here at The British University in Dubai’s Sustainability Summer School and I can see that this event has managed to bring students from different universities, nationalities and backgrounds for one united goal that is ‘Innovation for a sustainable Future,” said H.H Sheikh Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi in his speech.

The winning team

Students were divided into seven teams, each under the group names, such as “vitalist, revolutionist, saviours, inventors, reclaimers, environmentalist and the masters”.  As this year is the year of innovation for UAE, the groups were asked to think of sustainability and innovation to design sustainable solutions for any of the economic, social or environmental issues facing the world.

The Revolutionist team were announced the winners. Their project presented the concept of capturing the mechanical energy and converting it to electrical energy. The team basically used a bicycle wheel from scrap, which was connected to dynamos that were connected to a LED. The pedaling of the wheel resulted in storing of energy. This electrical energy could then be used to charge of mobile phones, fans and LED lights in the garden.

“I am delighted that our team won the competition and would like to thank BUiD for giving us this opportunity. I had students from electrical, mechanical engineering and computer and live sciences and all of us now understand the importance of sustainability and hopefully we will incorporate this in real life projects,” said Fatima Reaz, team leader for the Revolutionist team.

 Professor Abdullah Alshamsi, vice- chancellor of The British University in Dubai said: “I am very impressed with the enthusiasm of all the participants this year, they were all very committed to learning the concept of sustainability and also managed to showcase these learnings through the amazing line up of projects today. It was indeed very hard to pick the winners.” 

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