Winner announced for Tehran Stock Exchange

Winner announced for Tehran Stock Exchange

Alejandro Aravena, founder of Alejandro Aravena Architects and executive director of Elemental, has won a competition to design Tehran Stock Exchange in the capital of Iran.

The international competition was chaired by Nader Tehrani, MIT Head of Architecture and principal at NADAAA, and the decision of the jury acts as a recommendation to the client.

Aravena’s minimalist project was based on the results of the equation between function and forces, geometry and geography and the aspect of the timeless yet speedy nature of the stock exchange itself.

Regardless of its immensity, the building achieves a sense of transparency due to the hollow blocks used on its skin which turns it into a lamp, visible to the public eye. The spaces between each block are illuminated at night, creating a low-tech system for a high impact function.

The building includes areas for a stock exchange hall, an auditorium, bank representatives, training classes, a museum and a tea house.

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