Engineer explains technology behind “inside out” house in Tehran

Engineer explains technology behind “inside out” house in Tehran

It’s been called the “inside out house” and been compared to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School for its revolutionary design

Attracting attention in mainstream media worldwide as well as the design press Tehran-based the project recorded first place in the Residential project of the Year category at the Middle East Architect awards.

The Sharifi-ha House allows for the rooms to be rotated to catch the sun in summer and conserve heat in winter – traditional Iranian solutions to climate extremes.

The technology was created by German mechanical engineering company Bumat with managing partner Timo Burgmeier – who has the design philosophy “movement is triggered by an impulse” – at the helm.

The specialist firm has developed a range of turntables – first designed as revolving platforms to enable cars to be serviced. First made in steel and later aluminium the technology has been used in theatre, for fashion shows and even put entire restaurants into motion. The Tehran home, designed by architects NextOffice, is the latest beneficiary.

Burgmeier said: “A special kinetic construction allows entire rooms to be rotated. This can be referred to as ‘kinetic architecture’. It is based on an ancient local building tradition which has separate living rooms for both summer and winter.

“For this project on three floors there is a rotating ‘room within a room’ which can be turned 90 degrees inside or outside depending on the weather. Within two minutes the home can be rearranged for a summer or winter residence.”

NextOffice architect Alireza Taghaboni said: “This project was a real challenge as the concept and details were very specific. But it was a dream to complete it and the challenge was overcome by the combined efforts of the design team and engineers. It was a truly collective effort which realised this concept.”



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