Tashkeel presents four emerging UAE-based designers

Tashkeel presents four emerging UAE-based designers

Tashkeel presents  four designers for its Tanween Programme, Amer Aldour, Zuleika Penniman, Jumana Taha and Mentalla Said, and unveils their limited edition design pieces.

Established in 2013, Tashkeel annually selects talented designers from an open call, providing an opportunity to create products that exemplify a design, style and production processes innate to the Emirates. The programme draws on the spectrum of resources unique to the UAE as a crossroads of culture and trade – from woodwork and carpenters, designers and artisans, through to the myriad textiles and materials to be found.

The resulting limited edition products are sold under Tashkeel’s design product label ‘Tanween’ and premiere at Design Days Dubai in March.

Zuleika Penniman

This year’s cohort includes Amer Aldour, Zuleika Penniman, Jumana Taha and Mentalla Said.

Amer Aldour

Trained in Architecture and Engineering, Amer Aldour is the founder of Dubai-based interactive design studio (inter | act architecture). He takes special interest in experimenting with new techniques of production and prototyping, including 3D printing and CNC fabrication, and their applications in contemporary design. Amer’s work was first exhibited at Design Days Dubai in 2015.

Zuleika Penniman

London and Dubai-based Zuleika Penniman is a Lebanese-American designer who began her career in fashion pattern-cutting at Esmod Beijing before redirecting her attention to jewellery. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins, she has worked both independently and with international fashion brands. Zuleika has adopted a unique style in jewellery design, striving to make futuristic jewels that intuitively feel as though they have always existed. At the very centre of Zuleika’s work philosophy is a profound respect for materials and processes; one that builds on the past while always looking forward.

Jumana Taha and Mentalla Said (Studio MUJU)

Studio MUJU are Jumana Taha and Mentalla Said who joined forces two years ago, after they developed a close professional relationship collaborating on multiple large-scale interior design projects. Jumana and Mentalla are interior design graduates from the American University of Sharjah (AUS). Both are collaborating on a piece specifically for Design Days Dubai’s fifth edition in March. The duo have experience in various aspects of design, including bespoke furniture detailing, lighting design and textiles. Mutual passions in travel and culture are often translated through to the final design object.


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