Tadao Ando tourist island

Tadao Ando tourist island

An island of surreal art in Japan has become a must-visit destination for those wishing to explore the boundaries of modern architceture.

A massive crypt lined with coppers bars dominated by a huge sphere at its centre and mazes made of stone connecting underground chambers – each differing in shape and dimensions – are just some the bizarre features of remote Naoshima Isle.

The site is known as “Ando Island” – as most of the structures are the work of Pritzker Prize winning architect Tadao Ando. Museums and galleries – including one solely dedicated to his work – are also part of the attractions.

Ando’s creations blend into the earth with many opening up to the sky. All are designed to follow his principles of following the natural forms of the landscape.

Key among them is the Claude Money Space in the Chichu Art Museum which takes the form of a white underground chamber made up of hundreds of small stone tiles.

“They’ve managed to create a perfect balance of light, sound, space, color and proportion, which makes the experience transcendent and unforgettable,” said photographer Rhea Karam who has documented the region,



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