Switzerland’s vertical forest revealed

Switzerland’s vertical forest revealed

Italian architect Stefano Boeri has unveiled plans for a “vertical forest” tower in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Boeri wants his 36-storey building to be the first in the world to be covered with evergreen trees, a concept the architect first explored with a pair of skyscrapers in Milan.

The mainly residential complex will also contain offices, a gym and a restaurant on the top floor.

“La Tour des Cedres” – or “The Tower of Cedars” – will feature projecting terraces designed to have plants on their rooves.

As is the case with Boeri’s Bosco Verticale buildings in Milan, the plants are expected to trap dust and improve the area’s air quality.

Boeri said: “This will make Lausanne a cutting-edge city in the global challenge to implement urban quality together with sustainability and biodiversity.”

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