Sweden to trump Ski Dubai with 700m indoor slope

Sweden to trump Ski Dubai with 700m indoor slope

Plans have been revealed for a 700m indoor ski slope in Sweden which will surpass the 400m Ski Dubai.

Located in a tree-filled site outside Stockholm, the 70,000m2 Skipark 360° has been designed by Berg Arkitektkontor, the Swedish branch of C. F. Moller Architects.

The resort will also contain a 3.5km cross-country skiing tunnel, a biathlon area, ice hockey and figure skating rinks, and a snow park for snowboarders.

Skipark 360° is a reaction to reduced snowfall in Sweden, which is threatening the skiing industry, and will act as a year-round training facility for athletes.

It will be the only indoor ski slope in the world to meet the requirements for hosting the World Cup. Sporting facilities are supported by restaurants, shops, a spa and hotel and conference facilities.

The building will generate energy from renewable sources including geothermal heating, solar power, wind power and hydropower.

Construction is due to start in 2013 or 2014 and will be completed within two years.

Although there are around 30 indoor slopes around the world, with several in Europe, the most famous is arguably Ski Dubai, located in Mall of the Emirates.

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