Swarovski announces 2012 lighting launch

Swarovski announces 2012 lighting launch

Swarovski has announced the 2012 launch of its second collection of Swarovski Lighting Centerpieces, and product extensions to Swarovski Luminaires and Lighting Systems in select markets in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The Swarovski LED Crystal Candle lights the chandeliers of the Palais de Versailles, and Liechtenstein Palace and Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna with effects that simulate the flickering of hundreds of candles.

Adopting this concept of natural candlelight and modernising it for today’s environments is Candella, the first of three new LED-driven Swarovski Lighting Centerpieces.

An endless strand of crystal DNA is the inspiration behind Crystalon. Illuminated with energy-efficient LED technology, Crystalon explodes in a pattern of hexagons positioned at various angles.

Open, solid or filled with octagon-shaped crystal, the hexagons cast multiple reflections. Through these reflections, light is intensified, and an intimate interaction between Crystalon and its environment spawns.

Renowned designer Todd Bracher releases light and crystal in Enlace. Crystal strands are woven to fluidly interconnect, sculpting a structured, patterned form. Efficiently illuminated by LEDs, Enlace appears to float in the air, glimmering in the light and instigating feelings of tranquility.

The Swarovski Luminaires and Lighting Systems line offers significant design flexibility. To provide an even wider product offering from this very successful line, the Downsquare and Madison extensions have been developed.

From the vision of designer Stefano Ricci is the extension of Downsquare. An LED pendant luminaire series, Downsquare embraces crystal as the central, defining component from which each design flourishes.

Its square shape is to exalt the crystal, while Optimized Light Crystal (OLC) Technology further emphasises the brilliance of the crystal, as well as delivering high luminosity and homogenous light distribution to each pendant: Downsquare Campidoglio, Downsquare Ray and Downsquare Shield.

Avant-garde and arresting, and ideal for residences and resorts alike, the Madison extension exhibits sleek styling coupled with a characteristic pyramid cut crystal in single and triple pendant form, and in a new Glimmer Gray wall sconce option. Madison’s clean, linear sensibility and originally cut crystal facets produce striking lighting effects and ambiance alongside supreme functionality.

For decades, Swarovski has called upon innovation as its driving force in design. The 2012 launch of the second collection of Swarovski Lighting Centerpieces and the product extensions for Swarovski Luminaires and Lighting Systems depicts the brand’s commitment to responsible design through technological advancement.

Its use of 50,000-hour life expectancy LED lamping instead of the standard one- to two-thousand-hour life expectancy of incandescent lighting in the 2012 product lines is an example of Swarovski’s devotion to sustainability.

Swarovski Lighting Centerpieces are expected to be available in retail locations in December 2012 in select markets in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Swarovski Luminaires and Lighting System ‘Downsquare’ is due to be available in retail locations in these select markets in November 2012, with  ‘Madison’ set to be available in store in February 2013.

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