Sustainable wooden student house

Sustainable wooden student house

Swedish firm Tengbom has designed a “compact living” wooden house for students –
measuring just 10 x 10m.

Linda Camara and Pontus Åqvist worked in collaboration with students from Lund University in Sweden to create the living unit, which is meant to be “affordable and sustainable”.

“Through an efficient layout and the use of cross-laminated wood as a construction material, the rent is reduced by 50 percent and the ecological impact and viagra samples carbon footprint is also significantly reduced,” said Camara.

Inside the unit there is a small kitchenette with shelving and green storage cupboards, a small bathroom and a loft for sleeping that is accessed via small wooden steps fixed to the wall.

Two window shutters on the lower level can be folded down to use as a dining table
and a desk. Under the loft area there is a hammock.


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