Sustainable village for orphaned children to be built in Kenya

Sustainable village for orphaned children to be built in Kenya

A Malaysian studio has won an international competition to masterplan and design a new eco-village for orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya.

Edric Choo and his team from O2 Design Atelier (O2DA) won the One Heart Foundation competition from a pool of 45 entries spanning 21 countries, including Australia, the USA, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Estonia, South Africa and Kenya.

Choo’s team will work with Melbourne-based architectural firm Clare Hopkins Clarke to deliver the project.

Launched in October, the international design competition offered architects the life-changing opportunity to design a children’s village in the Provence of Soy, Kenya for the One Hear Foundation following the success of their first village in Turbo.

The winning design achieves the competition’s two key objectives: to masterplan a holistic children’s eco-village with facilities such as homes, schools, farms and playing fields, and to create a unique design solution for each of these facilities.

“The inspiration behind the design was creating a place where the children who will live there could feel at home. We took reference from native architecture and local materials and created a setting where they could find a sense of belonging and happiness,” said Choo.

The completed village will provide homes to 100 orphaned children, education to more than 500 local children, skills training to the surrounding community, and more than 50 local jobs.


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