Sustainable Dubai school project will allow open air learning

Sustainable Dubai school project will allow open air learning

UAE-based Diamond Developers has awarded a contract to Danish architect and design practice Cebra for a hi-tech school inside Sustainable City, its first residential community in Dubai.

The project aims to establish teaching and learning environments in a sustainable way, so the school has been designed to allow students to pass directly from the classrooms and out into open learning landscapes with greenery, wind towers and shaded outdoor spaces.

“We had to rethink the school in our design. Why not take advantage of the warm climate, move many of the functions of the school away from artificial air-conditioned rooms, and out in a naturally ventilated, cooled environment?”  said Mikkel Hallundbæk Schlesinger, architect and head of Cebra’s Abu Dhabi studio.

“Cebra has worked extensively with learning architecture since we established the office in 2001, but this is the first time we design a school, in which the climate and vegetation constitute active design parameters.”

Diamond Developers CEO Faris Saeed said: “Every building in The Sustainable City is designed to smoothly integrate with the city as a whole, we wanted to make sure students will learn outside the school walls as much as they learn inside it.”

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