Survey reveals that 70% of people would turn down a job if office is badly designed

Survey reveals that 70% of people would turn down a job if office is badly designed

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workspace exhibition, dedicated to office interiors and furniture, have conducted a survey that revealed that 70% of respondents would turn down a job offer if the office is badly designed.

Put to almost 2000 people, the majority of candidates responded that they would opt for an office that is well designed and aesthetically pleasing, “reasserting the growing theory that millennial employees are more focused on quality of work life experience, rather than salary or company structure”.

Esha Elawadhi, show manager at workspace, said: “The current generation is the first to almost expect employers to invest in the quality of their working environment. As a workforce, we are more aware than ever of the huge benefits in regards to wellbeing and productivity that come with a well-designed office, and know the quality that’s available when it comes to fitting-out a place of work.

“As workspace always seeks to demonstrate, decorating and equipping a modern office or learning space to a high-standard is a job that can be done on any budget – there really is no excuse for having a drab work place interior heading into 2018!”

The survey was conducted in partnership with H2O Concepts/Herman Miller, who specialise in producing office furniture.

Ghanem Ghanem, head of sales at H2O, said: “Companies taking the lead in creating office spaces that are functional, user-friendly and simply enjoyable to be in are offering a whole different working concept and experience to their employees. They are ensuring their staff are comfortable and in surroundings that inspire the best from them, whether that is through the relative formality of a legal office, the open-plan, exposed designer’s space, or the interactive and adoptive uses of a learning environment.

“The ‘Instagram-generation’ knows what’s out there, and if you’re not building an office that meets the needs of the millennial workforce, then there’s every chance your rivals are. Armed with the knowledge of how great offices can be – and at the same time understanding the many benefits a well-designed space brings to their own success and productivity – it’s little surprise 70% of people would be swayed in or out of a job by the office interior.”

Earlier this year, designMENA published a report by Steelcase, which outlined the progress of office trends, starting from the 1800s to today,  and its effects on office design. 

designMENA has also published a number of office designs in Dubai, including Perkins+Will’s Adidas HQ in Dubai Design District, and Swiss Bureau’s IFLIX Office.

Feature image: Sheeraa Entrepreneurship Centre by Pallavi Dean Interiors 

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