Sun Innovations and PRO TECHnology launch UAE production studio

Sun Innovations and PRO TECHnology launch UAE production studio

Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID), Farida Kamber Al Awadhi, PRO TECHnology, Sun Innovations, SUN Studio

Sun Innovations and PRO TECHnology have launched the first SUN Studio in the Middle East.

The printer can print on any material including water surfaces and mirrors with a 3D embossed effect.

Sun Innovations, is the Russian manufacturer and its regional distributor and master franchiser PRO TECHnology, is based in Dubai.

Vladimir Kozhevnikov, Russian commercial counsellor, and Farida Kamber Al Awadhi, president, of the Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID) attended the opening launch of the studio this week.

It is based in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, and uses a 3D NEO UV-LED printer targeted at interior decorators, architects, painters, and construction companies.

“The opening of this new studio signals the entry of 3D printing technology into the Middle East region, which will greatly benefit companies, organisations and individuals,” said Vladislav Mirchev, founder, Sun Innovations.

“After extensive market research on possible Sun Studio locations in the Middle East, we finally chose Dubai to be the first city to launch the Sun Studio in the region, which has already made its mark as an established regional hub for tourism, real estate and business.

“The applications presented by the NEO UV LED printer can be used in design visualisation, prototyping/CAD, metal casting, architecture, education, geospatial, healthcare, retail and entertainment. Sun Studio is confident that we will receive strong response from our key target customers as we look towards reaching AED 25 million in revenues in our first year in Dubai.”

The printer can print directly on material including ceramic, glass, wood, canvas, textiles, mirrors, ceilings, mobile phones, laptops as well as water surfaces.

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