Summertown Interiors signs contracts exceeding AED17m

Summertown Interiors signs contracts exceeding AED17m

Summertown Interiors

Summertown Interiors has seen considerable growth in the UAE in 2011, announcing  in the final month of the year it signed contracts for fit out projects exceeding AED 17 million with a solid number of projects in the pipeline for 2012.

“We have been delighted to end the year on such a high note and even more so to see such positive changes in the local market.

“It is now the case that the stronger companies are not necessarily the biggest and those that are succeeding are the ones that are staying true to their core values and this is what is giving them a competitive edge,” said said Marcos Bish, managing director, Summertown Interiors.

“We’ve worked hard to focus on our core strengths of quality, transparency and fast delivery and as a result have secured significant business – including a number of large scale F500 projects – as well as retaining a strong, loyal team without any redundancies during the crisis,” he added.

Summertown has increased the number of its internal team, to include the appointment of Jimmy Lynch as general manager in the company’s Dubai office and three new project managers.

It has also expanded the business to encompass retail interiors to build on the groups existing reputation in joinery works and commercial interiors.

“2011 has been a year of recovery for many businesses in the UAE, aided significantly by a healthy period of activity with many companies looked to the Emirates as a ‘safe haven’ in the Middle East. In light of this renewed vibrancy in the market the projection is positive as markets in this region are coming back strong, notably Dubai, and we are seeing a steady growth across the sector. With this in mind, we can speak with confidence as the industry looks forward,” added Bish.

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