The Sultan Group awards two Kuwait restaurant designs to TKI

The Sultan Group awards two Kuwait restaurant designs to TKI

Daniel During, Prime & Toast, Thomas Klein International (TKI), Wasabi

Thomas Klein International (TKI), restaurant and hospitality consultant, has been awarded the contract to develop the interior of two new restaurants in Kuwait; Prime & Toast and Wasabi.

Prime & Toast will be located in an existing restaurant location in Quibla, and TKI will be tasked with re-designing the outlet to match the existing concept.

The venue is known for its selection of sandwiches, salads, soufflés, waffles and pancakes.  The main feature of the restaurant is the vertical farming section which is representative of the freshness of the produce used, and the rest of the restaurant was designed around this concept.

“We have adapted the design slightly so that the vertical farming structure will be located directly adjacent to the window, allowing all the plants access to natural light,” said Daniel During, principal and MD, TKI.

“The location of the vertical farming structure also means that the plants will act as a natural curtain to soften the incoming light into the restaurant.

“Furthermore, the additional core elements of the design such as the communal table and the blackboard ribbon around the restaurant will be respected and incorporated into the new design too.”

Prime & Toast in Quibla is expected to open in the second quarter of 2012.

The Sultan Group will open a Wasabi store on the Kuwaiti Corniche, in Point 5, which will be an adaptation of the Wasabi located in Layalina which is currently under construction.

“Currently the Sultan Group already has four other Wasabi outlets operating as part of their portfolio, but they wanted to launch a totally new, fresh image, therefore the two newest Wasabi stores will have a totally new look and feel,” said During.

Once opened, the new Wasabi restaurants will set the benchmark in design for any additional Wasabi outlets opened, and all the existing Wasabi outlets will be transformed to match the new brand image and positioning.

The inspiration behind the interior design stems from the wasabi root, its cultivation and farming methods, along with the two most traditional and sophisticated Japanese arts of paper manipulation, namely Origami and Kirigami.

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