Studio Niko Kapa designs Dubai Maritime Museum and Research Centre

Studio Niko Kapa designs Dubai Maritime Museum and Research Centre

Dubai-based studio Niko Kapa revealed its designs for the Dubai Maritime Museum and Research Centre, for a greater awareness of marine resources.

The building is envisioned as an extension of the city to the sea and vice-versa, and their relation to one another.

According to the design team, the building is conceived as a continuation and a transition through the wide public space, while diving into the ocean and merging with it.

It develops as a sharp triangular form, which concentrates the public routes to the museum through an inviting shape that draws visitors to the entrance.

The museum itself is an artefact: an artificial underwater environment organised under a glass roof that has been designed to provide maximum views of the ocean.

The interior space is organised through cascading platforms that develop in a successive and continuous manner, allowing visitors to have a panoramic and clear overview of the entire museum, under a water roof.

Internal height allows the perception of wide interior views and the display of artefacts of significant scale.

Inside the space, the collection is divided into entities such as marine life, marine technology, supervisory material, interactive educational and experimental exhibits, aquariums, video projections and digital representations as well as underwater photography exhibitions.


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