Steve Leung uses Haute Couture for interior design

International architect and interior designer, Steve Leung, has taken the fashion concept, haute couture, to create 11 apartments in The Hampton, in Hong Kong’s Happy Valley.

Haute Couture, comes from the prestigious fashion houses of France where customers bought exclusive, made to measure pieces that designers would create for their elite customers.

Combining the best materials and craftsmanship, haute couture pieces are both highly sought after and extremely rare. Staying true to this exclusivity, The Hampton offers 11 luxuriously fitted out and designed residential units, with meticulous architecture, interior design, furniture and boutique furnishings.

Leung established Steve Leung Designers in 1997, opening branches in Shanghai and Guangzhou. His design projects include hotels, restaurants, shops, office and showflats.

In 2001, he branched out into furniture and product design, creating collections such as “i-chi”, “cube”, “ling-long”, “tenchi”, fur accessories for home and textile product.

For the ninth time, Leung won the Best Interior Designers Worldwide award in the Andrew Martin International Awards 2010.

His creations won several categories of the Asia Pacific Interior Design awards for consecutive years, and are credited in international hospitality design awards, like IIDA Annual Interior Design Competition, Gold Key Awards and Hospitality Awards in the US.

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