Stacked box design forms Iran hillside home

Stacked box design forms Iran hillside home

A house comprising rooms stacked one on top of each other to forms a hillside residence near the Iranian capital city of Tehran.

New Wave Architecture is behind the project which sees each structure angled towards a different view.

The Iranian practice designed Mosha House for a structural engineer and his family, on a steeply sloping plot facing the Alborz mountain range.

To make the most of the scenery surrounding the elevated site, the architects devised three single-storey blocks with glazed ends that frame vistas of both the peaks and the plain below.

All three blocks are painted white to create a sense of “purity”, according to the design team.

“The intense topography and the location between mountains with views to flat plain of Mosha, inspired us to create a sense of suspension and wide views for all spaces,” said the architects.

“The high slope of the site provides the perfect sense of suspension for each box. The sides of the boxes facing the plain have floor-to-ceiling windows with numerous panoramic views.

“Windows act in a role more than just an opening or constructional element, they are like a transparent curtain between in and out that fill interiors with natural views.”


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