Car-inspired exhibition centre designed for China

Car-inspired exhibition centre designed for China

London architecture studio Marques&Jordy has won a competition to design an exhibition centre in China, with a design that’s inspired by the curved bodies of sports cars.

The centres, entitled the ‘Oasis Exhibition Centres’, are planned for a number of location across the country, with the first located in the Longquan District of Chengdu.

The 60,000m2 building will be broken down into three parallel segments, each with a different set of folds. Each section will be coloured bright red to acknowledge the colour favoured by brands like Ferrari.

Architect Yu Jordy Fu explained: “With the Oasis Expo Centres, we are transforming the love for sports cars into sensational architecture.”

Pathways will weave through the spaces between the three sections, while narrow silvery bands on either side will form canopies and balconies for the upper floors of the building.

The architect added: “It’s commonly believed that China has no creativity and all buildings look the same, as copies of each other. This couldn’t be further from the truth. China’s cities are an inspirational burst of creativity and engineering.”

The centre will consist of exhibition rooms and events spaces to showcase different motor brands with construction scheduled to begin in September 2013.

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