Spiderman prepares for Dubai twisted tower climb

Spiderman prepares for Dubai twisted tower climb

Free climber Alain Robert is analysing the unique challenges he will face as he seeks to ascend the world tallest twisted tower on Sunday.

The dare-devil, nicknamed Spiderman, is set to climb the 309m Cayan Tower in Dubai Marina, without the aid of a safety harness.

He will be setting off at 8pm and says he expects to reach the summit of the tower in 90 minutes.

“The footholds are quite tiny, so that is something I will have to cope with,” said Robert.

“Then there is the weather – it is forecast to be hot on Sunday so that will be tiring. When I reach the top I expect it to get complicated. Before the end of the building I will move my position across it and that will be difficult.”

Robert has already climbed the Burj Khalifa but was made to wear a safety harness by the Dubai authorities. This time he will be without any assistance at all.

“I study the materials the building is constructed of – and of course look to see who the architect was,” he said. “The materials are important, steel, marble, aluminium they all have different properties. Then there are small things like window frames or a small groove. I have to take notice of them all.”

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