Speer: infrastructure is biggest challenge for Qatar 2022

Speer: infrastructure is biggest challenge for Qatar 2022

Albert Speer, the name behind most of Qatar’s World Cup stadiums, believes that the greatest delivery challenge is the infrastructure rather than the stadiums.

Speer’s practice Albert Speer & Partner (AS&P)  is behind eight of the 12 spectacular stadiums that will be built for the event in 2022.

In an interview with Middle East Architect, Professor Speer was asked to identify the most difficult aspect of delivering these eight stadiums on time.

He replied: “The critical part is not the stadiums. A stadium can be built in two and a half or three years. The critical part is infrastructure. To build a rail system of 100km in seven years is really very hard.

“It’s not a question of construction – it’s the planning and coordination and the permissions. You can’t have construction sites in Doha everywhere. The people will explode.”

Prof Speer stated that the plans are more feasible than they were initially. “The first plans were even bigger. Now we are down to approximately 100km, which I think is feasible, but it is a huge challenge.”

He offered further words of caution: “The biggest errors in huge projects are done at the beginning because nobody thinks about the possibilities and the alternatives of what is going to happen.”

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