Soft lines and metallic touches in Versace Home 2011

Soft lines and metallic touches in Versace Home 2011

Versace Home 2011

Versace has launched its Home 2011 collection featuring soft lines and bright colours, inspired by the fashion designer’s rich fashion heritage.

Designed by Donatella Versace for any type of environment, the collection now includes more plastic, lamps, chairs and seating.

Metal is the material of the season and forms a link throughout the entire collection. This is exemplified in the gilt strip – shiny, satin or chromium plated – which recalls the asymmetric cuts on Versace clothes, resulting in a graphic interpretation of the house’s emblematic Greek logo.

At times this effect is decorated by laser, while at other times it is structurally part of the actual furniture.

The colour palette goes from vibrant blues to lacquered red, from a golden yellow to an elegant pearl grey, with touches of black and white.

There are cotton and silk satins, shiny laminated textiles and technical fabrics with lacquer effects.

Among the many diverse decorations is a return of the iconic Baroque print proposed on a resin-coated fabric or embroidered by hand on leather or velvet, and a python print inspired by the Versace fashion collections.

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