Social responsibility is key to Mexico City role as World Design Capital 2018

Social responsibility is key to Mexico City role as World Design Capital 2018

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Socially responsible design is to be the theme for Mexico City, in its role as World Design Capital next year.

The theme was chosen by organisers to reflect “an ambition to promote the role of design and creativity as agents of social and cultural change within the urban context.”

With a population that has grown from 5.5 million in 1960 to 22 million today, the Mexican capital is constantly battling the urban challenges associated with rapid urbanisation, including housing, mobility and sustainability.

The theme will be broken down into four key objectives: generating opportunities, empowering civil society, preserving heritage and transforming respectfully.

The event will give those in the design community a chance to voice their thoughts on the ever-changing megacity, and showcase their efforts toward building a more liveable, more international city.

The city was chosen as the 2018 World Design Capital in 2015 following a competitive selection process to find a place to celebrate and showcase the positive use of design as an effective tool for economic, social and cultural development.

“Mexico City has a vibrant design scene, which has gained increased international attention over the last few years,” said Emilio Cabrero, general director of the event.

“Today, World Design Capital presents an opportunity to challenge and demonstrate our ability to use design solutions to address the social and urban challenges our city is facing.”

An open call for applicants will be launched ahead of the World Design Capital 2018 that will offer up to 50 international design professionals the opportunity to work in Mexico City for a period of three weeks in June 2018.

This residency programme strives “to open up an international dialogue for participants to work on the practical implementation of projects addressing housing, mobility, public space and sustainability”.

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