Sneha Divias Atelier wins International Property Award for Burj Daman project

Sneha Divias Atelier wins International Property Award for Burj Daman project

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Dubai-based Sneha Divias Atelier has received the International Property Award in for its Burj Daman apartment project in the category of ‘Best Residential Apartment Middle East’.

Photography by Natelee Cocks.

Burj Daman is a mixed-use development located in Dubai’s DIFC neighbourhood, comprising of a 5 star hotel, apartments, as well as retail and offices.

The design team transformed one of these apartments into a contemporary space featuring dynamic artworks, copper detailing and accessories and classical furniture.

“The goal was to create a refined take on metropolitan living, surpassing the expectations of potential buyers and increasing the apartment worth, offering unique details and features and upgrading the specifications,” saiid founder Sneha Divias.

“We saw the balcony as an instrumental connecting point between the spaces, creating living pockets that blend the indoor with the outdoor. Overall we used finishes that are light and fresh, with earthy textures,” she added.

The dining and living spaces are connected and have an opening to the kitchen. The study features a neutral colour scheme, prioritising flexibility to give the end user a versatile space to work, read, or relax.

The design has been adapted to the existing structure with the use of different materials such as tiles, stone and timber. The combination of finishes favour comfort and homogeneity while having different accents when it comes to furniture and accessories.

“A sustainable approach means considering the whole life cycle of a project and therefore improving the functionality, quality, human enjoyment and, in the long term, bringing real social and economic benefits,” Divias said.

“All of the aspects above have been considered with LED lights, trade fair products, locally customized furniture and natural finishes with a holistic approach to ensure positive impacts, retaining the existing structure. The durability of the finishes and materials has been carefully analysed to guarantee the longevity of the project.”

The International Property Awards celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry.

Sneha Divias Atelier has also recently completed a pop-up kiosk at The Dubai Mall, combining natural wood elements with a graphic navigation channel.

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