Snaidero launches new kitchen by Pininfarina

Snaidero launches new kitchen by Pininfarina

Snaidero and Pininfarina recently unveiled Aria, a new kitchen that offers a mix of design and cutting-edge technology.

Aria is made of carbon fibre, which makes it light yet highly resistant to wear and tear. The secret of its exquisite design lies in a special varnishing technique: after the application of the copper blend, a single hand-finish is applied to bring out its fine texture.

Snaidero’s latest creations, Icone, Sistema and Everyone, which were on display at this year’s Eurocucina 2016, offer different living styles and explore kitchen space personalisation.

With the Kelly kitchen, presented at Eurocucina, Snaidero and architect Massimo Iosa Ghini revisit the classic under a contemporary lens.


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