Smarter lighting will cut energy use

Smarter lighting will cut energy use

Lighting company Zumtobel Group has taken up a partnership with Bosch Software in a bid to create more energy efficient and smart commercial buildings.

The companies will be looking into remote monitoring and space management in the area of intelligent lighting for connected buildings.

Since buildings are responsible for almost half of the world’s energy consumption, the lighting infrastructure is anticipated to play a key part in saving energy and costs.

Ulrich Schumacher, CEO of Zumtobel, said: “Bosch Software Innovations perfectly matches with our strategy to work with leading software partners outside the lighting industry, in order to develop new solutions and applications.

“Given our expertise in state-of-the-art lighting solutions, smart lighting components and our understanding of the applications, this partnership will certainly drive innovation in lighting.”

The two companies, working with 3d design software company Dassault Systèmes and Modcam, a digital image recognition start-up, have worked on the the Life Cycle Tower Building in Dornbirn, Austria (pictured).

The building is now equipped with a smart Zumtobel controls system.

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